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An aspect of motoring that is often neglected is the regular servicing of your vehicle. Changing spark plugs, checking coolant levels, changing the oil and filters and checking all the lights are just some of the items that Fort Street Motors include during vehicle servicing. When the main service is required, we can also replace the timing belt. In addition, we undertake all the usual vehicle repairs and you have a winning combination to keep you and your vehicle safe.

  • Engine oil and filter change

  • Windscreen washer fluid  top up

  • Coolant levels check quality and top up

  • Lights and indicators check

  • Horn and windscreen wipers check

  • Tyres - tread and pressure checks

  • Instruments, gauges, warning lights checks

  • Electrics tested  including battery, alternator and starter motor

It is always inconvenient when you are without your vehicle. So it seems sensible to have your car serviced while it is in for its MOT test. This could save you a lot of time and money.


If you want to get the best from your motor, keep it in tip top condition, with regular servicing as recommended by the manufacturer. Why not call us today to book your car in for any work?

For vehicle servicing or repairs, please call Fort Street Motors today on

01382 778 774

Our vehicle servicing includes:

MOT test and service together

we can service your car, change plugs and oil, check coolant levels and change your filters