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The law requires that all vehicles 3 years old or more have an annual MOT safety check. This test is a thorough inspection of your car or van; not just under the bonnet, but also underneath your vehicle, the inside and outside too. Because the MOT testing system is now computerised, the police and mobile traffic  camera units make use of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) to check if your vehicle has a current MOT certificate. Not having an MOT certificate can result in a fine and can mean that insurance claims are declined in case of an accident.

  • All lights, horn, reflectors and electrics

  • The Steering and suspension

  • Brakes, tyres and wheels

  • Front and rear seat belts

  • Body structure and condition

  • Exhaust system, fuel and emissions

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

  • Registration number plates

  • Speedometer

  • Other general items

If your vehicle does not have an annual MOT safety check and certificate issued, it means you are breaking the law.


It could also mean that you are driving a vehicle that is an accident just waiting to happen - this can cost lives.


So, please don't risk driving your car without a current MOT certificate. You know it makes sense.

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MOT testing checks:

You know it makes sense

Our state of the art MOT testing bay, where we make sure  your vehicle's legal and roadworthy