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You used to have to take your car to the main dealer to have engine diagnostics carried out to locate a possible fault. That is no longer the case. Using the very latest in engine diagnostics technology, Fort Street Motors can carry out all the necessary checks, identify all faults from the fault codes provided (and there are hundreds of them) and then offer practical and helpful advice as to the most cost-effective solution to any fault found. You can be alerted to a potential fault if you see a warning light on your dashboard or you suspect that something feels wrong. Don't ignore the warnings; let us check it.

Cars are often referred to as 'computers on wheels' and to be honest that is just about right. Dozens of sensors around your vehicle are constantly sending data to the ECU (Engine Control Unit). This helps to manage your vehicle's electronic and other systems. Our advanced engine diagnostics technology then reads the ECU; obtaining any fault codes so that the precise repair or adjustment can be done.

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